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  Date: 13th Mar 2011 forecasts sensors and MEMS market to reach 11.1 Billion in 2011 has projected the global sales of both sensors and MEMs are to reach nearly $11.1 billion in global revenue and 9.6 billion unit shipments in year 2011. The next five years both sales and shipments are expected to experience average annual growth of 12 percent. Meanwhile, average selling prices will grow just slightly, reaching $1.15 in 2011 and growing slightly to $1.18 by 2016, according to

The finding shared by includes:

The strongest growth can be found in accelerometers, yaw rate sensors, and gyroscopes which will grow 16 percent annually on average. These product categories have been propelled by strong sales of mobile handsets, gaming controllers, digital cameras, and other consumer electronics devices. These sensors are also finding their way into smarter safety systems like rollover detection, lane departure warming, collision avoidance and automatic parking. Microfluidic MEMS, primarily found in inkjet printheads, as well as in the medical market for dosage and monitoring, will continue to be the largest market segment in 2011 with $2.5 billion in global sales. Aside from these aforementioned devices and optical MEMS, temperature and magnetic field sensors, other miscellaneous MEMS and Actuators will remain another key piece of this market, reaching $2.4 billion in 2011.

In terms of regional segmentation, the four major markets are fairly well distributed by revenue for Sensors and MEMS. Asia Pacific, including China, Taiwan, South Korea, and others, remains the largest in 2011 with $4.6 billion in estimated sales. Over the next five years sales will expand faster here than any other region, growing 14 percent annually on average to reach $9 billion by 2015. Japan will remain the second largest region with $2.3 billion in sales and a CAGR of 12 percent. The Americas are the third largest individual region with $2.1 billion, followed closely by Europe with just over $2 billion in projected 2011 revenue.

The majority of market sales are resulting from the computer segment, particularly in Microfluidic MEMS in inkjet and laserjet printers, which will account for $2.9 billion or 26 percent of the total estimated 2011 market share. The industrial segment will be the second largest market by sales with $2.6 billion in revenue, followed by the automotive space with nearly $2.4 billion and the consumer market with almost $2.1 billion in 2011 sales. The communications industry, while the smallest by market share, with just $1.3 billion estimated for 2011, will experience the market's strongest growth rates of 16 percent annually on average until 2016.

In terms of individual production values, Microfluidic MEMS will remain the largest single segment by revenue, reaching $2.5 billion in sales and 1.4 billion unit shipments for 2011. Accelerometers, Gyroscopes, and Yaw Rate Sensors will overtake Optical MEMS are the second largest application market by sales in 2011 with $1.9 billion. This product segment will experience the market's strongest overall growth of 16 percent on average over the next five years. Also, the category of other miscellaneous MEMS and actuators will account for a combined $2.4 billion in 2011, with a strong average growth rate of 14 percent annually over the forecasted period.

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