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Date: 04-02-11

Bicycle mobile charger at Rs 1499, not for the ordinary Indian

Nokia has come out with a bicycle mobile phone charger with a price tag of Rs 1499. If this is sold at Rupees 1499 in India, it is absolutely not for ordinary Indian, may be for the trendy breed of urban cyclists who bicycle-out to their offices and malls for the sake of hobby and fashion. If it's simply an old style battery dynamo with DC/DC converter IC chip, a max of 300 to 400 Rs is worth. See the picture below.

Now in India, though bicycle is still used in large, motorbikes are more common in both rural and urban India. If mobile phone makers are really serious about providing alternate charging, they can partner with motor bike companies in India in providing a charging port in motor bikes, which might be a need for many motor bike owners. Two wheelers are used by much of the Indian middle class in every part of India.

Mobile chargers need to generate 3-4 watts of power to charge a typical mobile phone. There are various environmentally safe methods to generate that much power, which include small solar panel. The dynamo type chargers can be flexible enough so that they can be fitted to a bicycle and also can be hand rotated, this kind of flexible dynamo option is better due to its anytime use, where as solar cell can only be used in daytime, but the cost matters.

However mobile charger port on motorbike is most needed, let's hope to see one on Bajaj, TVS, Honda and all such leading bikes in India. But they should be able to provide chargers for all popular brands of phones, where the pin type and specs differ.


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