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Date: 13-12-10

45 ASIC prototypes for US$ 45K from eASIC

eASIC Corporation, a provider of NEW ASIC devices, has made immediately available a new program called 'Value Shuttle' which enables designers to receive forty-five (45) eASIC Nextreme-2 NEW ASIC prototypes for a low price of forty-five thousand dollars ($45K). eASIC says its a small fraction of the cost of competing ASIC solutions.

eASIC says in addition to allowing OEMs to quickly cost reduce FPGA designs, the 45nm Value Shuttle enables designers to inexpensively and quickly test new markets. Successful product innovations can be ramped to production at a much lower device cost than equivalent logic density FPGAs thereby enabling OEMs to ramp to profitability much sooner, claims eASIC.

"We have streamlined our design flow to make transitions from FPGAs to eASIC Nextreme-2 NEW ASICs a simple process," commented Jasbinder Bhoot, Vice President Marketing at eASIC Corporation. "After a number of successful 45nm designs many of which are in volume production, we are now lowering the cost of customization for 45nm ASICs even further. The eASIC Value Shuttle will enable designers to plan their FPGA cost reductions right from design start. This will start to reverse the trend in declining ASIC design starts and will enable customers to use ASICs rather than FPGAs even for moderate volume applications."

This is an attempt by eASIC to pull FPGAs crowd to ASIC world by pointing out drawbacks of FPGAs such as expensive and/power hungry. $45K covers the cost of 45 NEW ASIC prototypes but does not include software tools and licensing, design services, where applicable, and production. ASIC and FPGA designers are provided with a design software called eTools 8.2 Design Suite to quickly convert their designs to eASIC Nextreme-2. A free 30 day evaluation of the eTools 8.2 Design Suite is available at www.easic.com.

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