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Date: 20-10-10

Chip from Fujitsu Semiconductor enables 360degree view of vehicle surroundings

Fujitsu Semiconductor America has unveiled a 3D imaging technology that provides a complete, 360-degree view of a vehicle’s surroundings. The Fujitsu 360-degree Wrap-Around Video Imaging Technology is available as a toolset for automotive system designers and is ready for integration with Fujitsu graphics systems-on-a-chip (SoCs). The omnidirectional imaging technology and SoCs provide automakers and their suppliers with a single-chip total solution designed to significantly boost driver visibility and safety.

The Fujitsu 360-degree Wrap-Around Video Imaging Technology uses advanced 3D algorithms to synthesize images from four cameras to recreate a seamless, 3D omnidirectional view of a vehicle's surroundings. The ‘dynamically definable perspective’ or "free eye point enables system designers to select the optimal perspective to give the driver the best view for any given driving situation. It is also possible to present a virtual "third person" perspective of the vehicle from multiple angles. The blind spots provides visual assistance when the driver is backing up, turning corners or merging.

Applications for the Fujitsu 360-degree Wraparound Video Imaging Technology include driver-vision-assistance camera systems, parking aid and reverse view; vehicle cameras for active or passive safety systems; and surveillance camera systems. Fujitsu will demonstrate the technology at Convergence 2010 in Detroit October 19-20 at booth 817.

This semiconductor chip behind this tech is Fujitsu’s MB86R11 2D/3D graphics SoC with an Integrated GDC and GPU brings the technology to developers in a fully integrated solution ready for deployment. The MB86R11 “Emerald-L Egraphics SoC combines an ARM Cortex A9 processor and a powerful, custom-built graphics core capable of delivering leading-edge 3D and 2D graphics and effects. The graphics core includes three independent display controller units (DCUs) capable of supporting up to five displays total, as well as four independent video-capture inputs. A memory controller, power management unit, and a wide range of interfaces are also integrated on the MB86R11 “Emerald-L ESoC.

"The Fujitsu 360-degree Wraparound Video Imaging Technology can aid vehicle safety by eliminating 'blind spots' and by providing visual assistance when the driver is backing up or turning corners," said Akio Nezu, senior manager of marketing, Fujitsu Semiconductor America. "The technology offers a truly omnidirectional view that cannot be matched by conventional two-dimensional technologies. With the release of a complete toolset and the Fujitsu MB86R11 'Emerald-L' graphics SoC, systems designers now have an integration-ready, single-chip, complete solution."

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