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Date: 02-09-10

A guide to C2000 32-bit real time MCUs from TI

Texas Instruments has released the floating-point F28335 Delfino microcontroller (MCU) Peripheral Explorer Kit and free C2000 MCU Teaching ROM. The new C2000 Teaching ROM provides an introduction to real-time control design considerations. The Teaching ROM includes labs based on TI's F28335 Peripheral Explorer Kit. TI says that the new F28335 Peripheral Explorer Kit brings increased integration over previous explorer kits to reduce development cost and enhance learning exercises. The Teaching ROM and Peripheral Explorer Kit will enable engineers to leverage the C2000 MCUs for energy-efficient real-time control applications, such as motor control, digital power, renewable energy and lighting.

The key features of Free C2000 MCU Teaching ROM include:
--Nineteen modules cover MCU/DSP basics, MCU architecture, peripherals, tools, utilities and real-time control applications
--Laboratory exercises paired with the F28335 Peripheral Explorer Kit
--Complete procedures and solutions for laboratory exercises
--All exercises are provided in two versions to run under Code Composer Studio IDE v3.3 and v4

The key features of F28335 Peripheral Explorer Kit include:
--Demonstrate and evaluate key C2000 peripherals (ePWM, ADC, McBSP, eCAP, CAN, I2C, SPI, GPIO)
--Full board development enabled with included F28335 controlCARD
--On-board USB JTAG emulation eliminates the need for external emulator
--Temperature sensor and additional LEDs assist with learning and labs
--Open source hardware, documentation and open source example software

The F28335 Peripheral Explorer Kit is priced at US$179.
The C2000 Teaching ROM is free and can be accessed at www.ti.com/c2rompek-pr-dl.

Availability: Now

For more information visit: www.ti.com

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