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Date: 23-08-10

Broadcom introduces the new FastRTV technology for faster channel change speeds

Broadcom has announced its new FastRTV Channel Change Acceleration technology, which it claims improves television channel change speeds by up to 5 times. FastRTV technology is made available in a Broadcom's system-on-a-chip (SoC) solutions for digital cable set-top boxes (STBs) and universal digital transport adapters (uDTAs). Comcast has already deployed Broadcom's FastRTV technology in its uDTA deployments to transition from analog to standard definition (SD) digital TV broadcasts.

The benefits listeds by theBroadcom's FastRTV technology includes:
--Minimizes delays or pauses as consumers surf through channels.
--Works with existing conditional access (CA) systems and does not require changes to broadcast streams.
--The first Broadcom SoC solution to support FastRTV technology for digital cable TV deployments is the Broadcom BCM7002 cable uDTA SoC:
--FastRTV technology is available in a wide range of cable SD and HD set-top box SoC solutions as follows:
--For Broadcom cable STB solutions, FastRTV is included in the BCM7400, BCM7405, BCM7420, BCM7410, BCM7119, BCM7125, BCM7019 and BCM7025.
--For Broadcom cable DTAs and uDTAs solutions, FastRTV is included in the BCM70xx SD DTA product family and the BCM75xx HD DTA product family.

"Broadcom's FastRTV technology is an innovative solution that improves the channel change times to nearly instant speeds. As we continue to transition our customers from analog to digital broadcast, this is a significant benefit in addition to the improved picture quality and increased capacity for advanced services that an all-digital platform offers." said Steve Reynolds, Senior Vice President, Customer Premise Equipment, Comcast.

"Our new FastRTV technology greatly enhances the viewer's TV experience, creating quick channel changes and near instant response time that in turn ends the frustration caused by slow channel surfing. Service providers will appreciate an easy deployment that creates a compelling and attractive feature for increasing customer loyalty and satisfaction." said Dan Marotta, Executive Vice President & General Manager, Broadcom's Broadband Communications Group.

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