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Date: 09-07-10

Lenovo laptops use NFC reader/writer module jointly developed by NXP and Toppan

NXP Semiconductors and Toppan Forms have jointly developed the Near Field Communication (NFC) reader / writer module "TN33MUE002L". This module has been adopted in three Lenovo ThinkPad laptop models namely the T410, T510 and W510. The module when built into a PC or a peripheral device supports a variety of security and convenience features enabling transactions such as online banking, E-commerce, E-government online access and secure log-in for PCs.

This NFC reader / writer module is based on NXP's PN533 NFC IC and Toppan Forms expertise in hardware module and software driver packaging. This module is compatible with the contactless smart cards such as MIFAREand FeliCa. The module solution is also compatible with open standard (ISO 14443 types A and B) cards, which are used worldwide in many banking, government and public deployments, such as e-Passports.

Katsuhiko Moriyama, General Manager, Toppan Forms, said, "With the launch of this ground-breaking module, Toppan Forms plans to expand its NFC reader/writer business to become the de-facto standard in the computer industry. We anticipate that the introduction of NFC readers to PCs will help NFC technology to mature and rapidly capture a much wider consumer base. In addition to the PC market, we are now turning our attention to other applications such as cell phones and consumer electronics devices, which can also benefit greatly from many of NFC's features."

Henri Ardevol, General Manager Secure Transactions, NXP Semiconductors, added, "This is a significant project in which we are deploying NFC reader infrastructure into the PC environment. The expansion of NFC into these kinds of platforms will provide exciting new possibilities for consumers to experience secure transactions on their PC, such as authentication of payments, secure online banking and a range of government services."

Other features of the NFC reader / writer module are:
1. Utilizes a PC/SC conformant driver and is compatible with existing PC/SC applications therefore can     integrate seamlessly into most existing security and payment applications.
2. The reader is Windows Certified and is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows      7.
3. The module driver is available through Toppan Forms' NFC Software Development Kit for PC/SC.

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