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Date: 21-06-10

Magma provides free trial version of latest VLSI design tool 'Titan'

Magma is offering free trial version of the Titan Mixed-Signal Platform and analog design accelerators as part of its "Titan Up!" program.

Completing a simple online request lets designers use the VLSI software for 60 days at no charge. This package consists of a software download and tutorial. Designers install the Titan Mixed-Signal Platform, along with Titan ADX and Titan AVP analog design accelerators. The tutorial guides them through creating and optimizing an analog design circuit using a prepared design example and Magma's FlexCell analog IP technology.

Analog design has traditionally been a manual, time-consuming task and reusing analog IP has been difficult. The Titan family of analog/mixed-signal design solutions delivers capabilities such as layout-aware schematic design, rapid design exploration and optimization, dramatically improved productivity for layout designers, analog design reuse and automated process migration.

 The "Titan Up!" program includes a series of online quizzes and a free trial of the Titan software, providing a introduction to Magma's analog/mixed-signal design solutions.

To access the software visit: www.magma-da.com/TitanUp.

Latest update dated 2 Apr 2017: Magma is acquired by Synopsys a few years back.


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