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Date: 01-06-10

Technical paper on 56GSa/s ADC technology for 100Gbps Ethernet by Fujitsu

Fujitsu has issued a technical paper entitled "The Fujitsu 56GSa/s Analog-to-Digital Converter Enables 100GbE Transport," describing the technology challenges involved in creating a long-haul 100Gbps optical transport network, and the enabling technology developed by Fujitsu for 100Gbps Ethernet and OTU-4 transport systems using coherent receivers.

The paper also describes the forces pushing towards a single-chip CMOS solution for a 100Gbps coherent receiver with four 56GSa/s Analog-to-Digital Converters (ADCs) and a tera-OPS DSP that dissipates tens of watts. The paper concludes with details on Fujitsu's CHArge-mode Interleaved Sampler technology (CHAIS). It is said to allow the implementation of fast, high-resolution ADCs in CMOS process technology.

For more information visit: http://us.fujitsu.com/micro/sms/56gadc

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