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Date: 10-05-10

Learn analog VLSI design technologies at MAGMA website

Magma Design Automation has launched a program called "Titan Up!" for educating analog VLSI chip designers about the latest technologies for analog and mixed-signal semiconductor chip design.

Magma states Analog design has traditionally been a manual, time-consuming task and reusing analog IP has been difficult, if not impossible. To highlight its Titan family of analog/mixed-signal design solutions the interactive "Titan Up!" program includes a series of online quizzes and a free trial of Magma's Titan software providing a designer-friendly introduction to Magma's Titan family of analog/mixed-signal design solutions.

The first element of the program, the "Titan Up!" online quizzes, allows designers to test their knowledge of analog design basics and analog IC history. Completing each quiz enables participants to enter a weekly drawing for an Apple iTouch. The free trial of the Titan solution will give designers hands-on experience porting reusable analog blocks and creating custom analog designs from reusable analog libraries. The "Titan Up!" will be available through June 21 2010.

Designers can access the quizzes and the download by visiting www.magma-da.com/TitanUp

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