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Date: 28-04-10

SNAP network OS for Atmel's ATmega128RFA1 wireless microcontroller

Synapse's SNAP network operating system from Synapse is now available for Atmel's new ATmega128RFA1 wireless microcontroller. Designers can implement wireless mesh networking systems by running SNAP network OS on Atmel's ATmega128RFA1 single-chip AVR microcontroller.

The combination of SNAP and Atmel ATmega128RFA1 enables features such as over-the-air programming, wake-on-radio and high data rate modes (2Mbits/sec). ABI Research has predicted the IEEE 802.15.4 market is projected to grow at a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of nearly 80% over the next several years, reaching almost 500 million chipset shipments in 2014.

Atmel customers are given access to the complete Synapse product line, which includes RF modules, Portal for network management and rapid application development, and SNAP Connect for seamless access to the Internet. Also available will be Synapse Design Services for innovative engineering solutions in embedded wireless technology.

"The 8-bit ATmega128RFA1 was designed for networking applications delivering low power, and high performance in a small package," said Magnus Pedersen, Atmel product marketing director of MCU wireless solutions. "The SNAP mesh network operating system supports these goals and was also designed for Internet connectivity. Together, this gives our customers tremendous scalability and flexibility in their product designs."

"Our cooperation with Atmel, and SNAP's port to their latest entry in the growing IEEE 802.15.4 market, are important steps in bringing advanced integrated wireless capabilities to Atmel customers. With the added benefits of easy, fast application development from SNAP, Atmel will continue to lead the industry in providing productive and innovative products," said Wade Patterson, Synapse Founder, President and CEO.

Availability: Now

For more information on Synapse visit : www.synapse-wireless.com

To know more on Atmel visit www.atmel.com


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