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Date: 02-12-09

Automotive-grade semiconductor manufacturing by TSMC

TSMC has announced that it plans to launch the automotive process qualification specification and service package for automotive-grade semiconductor manufacturing at the China IC Design Conference on December 2.

TSMC has also developed an automotive service package to complement customers' test coverage and test methodology to reduce the field failure rate. TSMC automotive service package incorporate tightened process control, device level screen limit, and wafer sorting scrap criteria, additional SPC monitoring, preferred tools, etc. It also reduces process variation and outliers.

TSMC says, that its Fab 10, located in Shanghai, is prepared to manufacture automotive grade ICs.

"Integrated circuits of all types are playing a larger role in the automotive industry. Our commitment is to support automotive IC technology including innovations that are taking place in China," said Jason Chen, Vice President, Worldwide Sales and Marketing, TSMC. "We are backing this commitment with action by dedicating our efforts at Fab 10 in Shanghai to accelerate the growth of China's automotive present and future."

Automotive grade semiconductor chips are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and mechanical shocks. They got perform close to semiconductor components used in aerospace and defense applications.

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