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Date: 23-10-09

Single-chip STi5197 cable STB decoder IC from ST Micro is opted by Chinese STB vendors

ST Microelectronics said leading Set Top Box (STB) makers in China have selected ST's high-integrated single-chip STi5197 cable STB decoder IC for home-entertainment products.

The STi5197 packs a QAM (quadrature amplitude modulation) demodulator, MPEG-2 audio/video-decoding and application-processing functions, also supports all major conditional-access security schemes and middleware.

The STi5197 support external Flash memory drive, USB interface and Ethernet interface. This device supports video recording feature.

Mr Xia, General Manager of Jiuzhou said "with only minor modifications we can address other markets such as India and South America. This keeps our development costs and time-to-market at minimum levels. We are very excited by the opportunities our development has opened up."

The other emerging STB market India is also involved in locally developing STBs for the growing domestic market.

In both the regions the major STB semiconductor vendors such as ST Micro, NXP, National Semiconductor, Broadcom and Tensilica are actively involved in supporting STB OEMs to quickly develop feature rich STBs for the domestic market.

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