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Date: 16-04-09

AZ Displays introduces electronic paper displays in 5, 6, and 9.7 Inch diameters

AZ Displays has introduced a new Electronic Paper (e-paper) displays to display text and graphics in monochrome color.

It's a great innovation effort by AZ displays. This technology is born out of dedicated research from AZ- Displays, which also makes latest LCD displays panels such as TFT and OLED panels. May be some of the technologies used to make these e-paper displays might have some process and material elements taken from normal LCD display panel manufacturing. This is exactly a breakthrough technology in LCD displays panels.

This green technology based display product will have contrast similar to paper and offer 180 degree viewing cone, making them readable from any angle.

Available in five (ED050SC3), six (ED060SC4) and 9.7 inch (ED097OC1) diameters, the e-paper displays work by charging colored particles with different polarizations. "This makes e-paper superior to other electronic display technologies used for displaying black and white content or gray scale graphics because the information is still visible for up to five years after the display is removed from its power source. The displayed content can be refreshed with very little power to start a new cycle," said Dmitriy Demidov, AZ Displays' National Sales Manager. "e-paper gives the reader a similar experience to that of reading a traditional newspaper making it ideal for electronic reading devises."

Applications for e-paper displays include electronic reading devises for books and newspapers as well as shelf tags and other forms of advertising banners. Driving the e-paper displays is easy with help of a special EPD controller, which is available as an option.

E paper advantages and technology overview:

1. Bi-stability (low or no power consumption). Image will be visible even after power source is removed.
2. Reflectance ~ 40%
3. Sunlight readability
4. No flickering effects
5. Landscape and portrait mode interchangeability
6. Anti-glare coating on front surface
7. Environmentally friendly (no toxic wastes associated with disposal of liquid crystals)
8. Thin and lightweight profile
9. Caution must be observed as displays are based on glass substrate

Optional EPD controller (semiconductor and electronics to drive this display) to be mounted onto a user's board, PVI-6001A comes in two varieties: with USB interface or parallel PC port.

ED050SC3, ED060SC4, and ED097OC1 feature 800 x 600, 800 x 600, and 1200 x 825 resolutions respectively

Though this product might not become instant market success, but it's a first fruit of research to fully eliminate ordinary paper and also for making some creative low cost display systems. However there are issues such as use of glass(making it fragile and inflexible), and the cost. Also there are few more competing technologies taking shape in labs with similar objective of eliminating paper.

Contact AZ displays for any demonstration sessions. Website of AZ displays is www.azdisplays.com

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