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Date: 11-08-10

SoCtronics tapeout first 28nm design from India

India based semiconductor chip design services company SoCtronics has announced that it has completed first 28nm design chip. The design project was contracted by a fabless semiconductor company from Silicon Valley. It is targeted for 28nm HPL process.

"Engineering execution complexity increases exponentially for each new technology node," says Dasaradha Gude ("GD"), founder and chairman of SoCtronics. "At 28nm, challenges such as litho/DFM aware routing and LPC/CMP checks are integral parts of the standard flow. It has definitely come to the point where only niche experts can work on such leading edge projects. At SoCtronics, our customers have access to teams of dedicated experts in each facets of the design flow. The timely and successful execution of highly complex projects is our passion and commitment."

"Our customers typically operate in their highly competitive market segments," remarked Murali Kuppili, vice president of marketing at SoCtronics. "To be successful in their markets, our customers have to focus on their own technologies and products. As their partner, SoCtronics takes the burden of chip implementation off their shoulders. This frees up their engineers from having to keep up with the ever increasingly complex VLSI design methodologies. We focus on what we do best so that our customers can focus on their product developments."

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