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Date: 20-06-22

Torex new IC for CV charging of 2.3V small Li secondary batteries

Torex Semiconductor has launched a new charging regulator ICs XC6242 series optimized for CV charging of 2.3V small lithium secondary batteries (LTO batteries)  with an operating temperature range of 105°C.

Torex says by supporting the operating temperature of + 105 ° C this time, it has become possible to charge CV to batteries used in high temperature environments such as industrial applications. (Fig.1)

The charging regulator ICs have an output voltage compatible with the charging voltage of 2.3V-type lithium secondary batteries, and are capable of charging without exceeding the maximum charging voltage limit of secondary batteries in the temperature range up to +105°C. While charging is not being performed, the sink current to charging ICs from secondary batteries can be kept to a low level, contributing greatly to the extension of battery drive times, explains Torex.

The package uses ultra-compact and low-profile USPN-4 (0.9 x 1.2 x h0.4mm) (Fig.2), which contributes to the miniaturization of the entire device.

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