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Date: 17-10-17

POLYTEDA released latest version of PowerDRC/LVS

POLYTEDA UKRAINE LLC announced the  availability of its  PowerDRC/LVS version 2.3.1. The new version interoperates with  Keysight ADS design environment and adds native support of OpenAccess format (beta version) for DRC and LVS operations. PowerDRC/LVS is designed to process integrated circuit (IC) designs of various size at technology nodes up to 28nm, with runtimes that are fast and completely predictable, as claimed by POLYTEDA.

Other key features in the new release includes:

  1.  Improved support of variables and conditional rule compilation in PWRL
  2. Dramatically improved DRC performance in multi-CPU mode in a cloud environment
  3. Added Window RCF parameter to allow for finer tuning of performance
  4. Added support of custom device parameters calculation in LVS
  5. Added support of CentOS 7 64-bit platform and more

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