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Date: 28-10-16

Mitsubishi to release 200 CC-Link IE Field Network Basic compatible devices

Mitsubishi said it would sequentially release more than 200 factory automation devices for its CC-Link IE Field Network products beginning 31st of October. The devices would include programmable controllers, servo amplifiers, human-machine interfaces (HMIs) and inverters which are compatible with CC-Link IE Field Network Basic. The CC-Link IE Field Network Basic is an open field network utilizing 100Mbps general-purpose Ethernet communication to connect controllers and devices. Mitsubishi says, the new FA Devices will help users better visualize production site/facility operations and improve efficiency and also make use of IoT manufacturing capabilities. Strengths of CC-Link IE Field Network Basic-compatible FA devices 1) Build systems quickly and without special expertise - Compatible with devices and small-scale equipment that conventionally lack network - All products inherit the features of CC-Link IE Field Network and batch parameter settings ensure easy network setup without technical knowledge of Ethernet - Number of linked devices and addresses are set automatically, helping to reduce system construction time by 40 percent* * Based on Mitsubishi Electric engineering tool's parameter setting comparison between CC-Link and CC-Link IE Field Network Basic. 2) Highly flexible network construction - General-purpose Ethernet helps to save costs by using a single network wiring from high-order IT systems to production-floor devices - Wide range of FA devices compatible with CC-Link IE Field Network Basic

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