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Date: 28-10-16

TI launches 5 new USB Type-c devices

Texas Instrument has launched 5 new devices for the USB Type-c port design. The 5 devices are TUSB1046, TUSB1002, TPD8S300, TPS65983B, TPD6S300. More details of each IC: 1. TUSB1046 redriver supports twice the data bandwidth of current 5G USB solutions. 2. TUSB1002 can handle a bandwidth of 10G data and video transfer with up to 8K resolution consuming 335 mW of active power at 10G USB speeds. Texas Instrument has launched high voltage for USB Type-C. 3. TPD8S300 USB PD 3.0 family which includes industry solutions to protect USB Type-C and PD systems from overvoltage damage. 4. TPS65983B USB PD 3.0 controller integrates the power path by providing over current, overvoltage, reverse current and thermal protection. The controller also features fast role swap for sink or source implementations to give designers for maximum flexibility. 5. TPD8S300 device which protect against over voltage damage caused by a DC short to the 20-V bus voltage (Vbus) on the configuration channel (CC) and sideband use (SBU) pins. The port protectors integrate transient voltage suppression (TVS) diodes with low-clamping performance to provide International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) 61000-4-2 electrostatic discharge protection (ESD) and protect the downstream PD controller. The redrivers TUSB1002, TUSB1046 compensate channel loss up to 14.4 dB when transmitted over long traces and cables. The 16 equalization levels inside the chips optimize performance by compensating inter symbol interference jitter and signal attenuation so that they interoperate and connect with other devices. These are pin-to-pin compatible with TI’s earlier 5G USB devices. The TUSB1002, TUSB1046 and TPS65983B devices are available in production volumes. TPD8S300 and the TPD6S300 protection devices are sampling now.

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