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Date: 13-10-16

POL supporting high density DC/DC converter for small cell stations

Murata is offering a high power density DC-DC converters capable of delivering 20A and 6A of power. Murata claims these are the highest power density Mono Block type DC-DC converters available in the market. These are of small size and are designed for high-rel applications such as communication base stations for small cells. DC- DC converters can be used in communication equipments in wide range of applications including optical transmission systems, network security devices, industrial and entertainment equipment for gaming. These devices are available in mass volumes beginning this October 2016. The product is being exhibited at “electronica 2016” in Munich, Germany on November 8th 2016 for four days. These small sized DC-DC converters are relevant for small scale base stations which are really small and compact. Murata's DC/DC converters offer high power density and also withstand higher temperature of operation. These devices offer fast transient response which is important in robust power supply design. MYMGK1R family of devices are suggested for FPGA drive applications that operate at a low core voltage and high current. The required peripheral components are already built-in inside DC-DC converters which allow further saving in space and also mounting is made easier. To know further visit www.murata.com

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