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Date: 29-09-16

Anritsu launched world's first frequency selectable RF power measurement

Anritsu launched world's first frequency selectable RF power analyzer MA24507A providing a frequency Coverage up to 70 GHz. The Power Master MA24507A is an ultraportable, millimeter wave (mmWave) power analyzer that enables simple, numeric, frequency based measurement of RF power along with High Dynamic Range. It provides solution to an increasing number of test requirements in millimeter wave (mmWave) applications that incorporates 802.11ad, Wireless HD and E-band products at every stage of the product developmental trends. Power management becomes a tedious job when the frequency of the signal is intensely attenuated. Power Master MA24507A provides solution for this problem empowering the users to place it directly at the signal source that include on-wafer measurements. MA24507A can make measurements as low as -90 dBm at 70 GHz substituting to other larger bench-top instruments. The instrument Power Master MA24507A is USB powered and comes in handy with a size of 6x3x1 (inches) and weighs less than 425 grams. Measurements on antenna towers or with an extension pole to measure small cell signals from the ground is possible by this instrument due to its portability. The Power Master MA24507A supports measurement of channel power and adjacent channel powers while avoiding noise and harmonics which requires no initial calibration. The power analyzer can stay connected to a test system constantly which avoids the need to disconnect and reconnect between test procedures. The power analyzer can easily identify six highest continuous wave amplitudes and corresponding frequencies so as to measure the channel power simultaneously. Power Master MA24507A can be controlled remotely through USB interface or through Anritsu’s PowerXpert data analysis and control software. Mark Elo, Anritsu’s Director of Product Marketing for the Service Infrastructure Solutions Division comments, “We are extremely excited to launch this disruptive design to the industry. The ultraportable product category allows our customers to reach new heights in portability, performance, and measurement accuracy”.

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