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  Date: 26/09/2016

Multi-function JTAG board tester fits into ECT fixtures

JTAG technologies collaborated with Everett Charles technologies (ECT), which is known for PCB testing and interface components. They have came up with integration of JT5705/FXT multi-function JTAG tester into the small linear series of cassette –based re-configurable equipment.

The JT5705/FXT is a compact single-board test system that supports measurement of analog and digital parameters, digital I/O, boundary-scan testing ( via two TAPs) and also in-system device programming. Latest JTAG software incorporates multiple controller support that allows the linking of multiple units to create a identical system of increased channel counts. JT5705/FXT meets the standards of Automatic Test Equipment industry.

Most of the electronics designs contains programmable logic, micro-controllers ,SOC etc. however due to mixed signal nature of these designs, it is more preferred to have mix of test signals to test these designs. The JT5705/FXT will provide these features.

ECT' cassette is a swappable interface module to provide access to the Unit Under Test (UUT) through spring probes/ nails to link the resource with the equipment-tester to the UUT. By using cassettes different boards can be tested on the same hardware to save cost. Customization of FPGA Kernel allows users to develop their own digital I/O options. Internet protocols can be implemented in FPGA and can be accessed via JTAG technologies. CoreCommander FPGA product implements a translator interface that allows JTAG hardware to control embedded IP cores via a variety of bus interfaces (e.g. Wishbone Avalon etc.).

JTAG supporting compatible TAPs with programming limit (JT5705) unit has extensive I/O capability(64 channels). Multiple JT5705s can be linked and synchronized to provide higher TAP and IO channel counts.

Peter van den Eijnden, MD of JTAG Technologies comments ‘Industrial controls/automation and automotive electronics are just two examples where we expect to see a high demand for this type of product. A great many ECUs require an analog/sensor stimulus which registers back to a microprocessor where the values can be checked using boundary-scan or JTAG emulative test methods - as supported by JTAG Technologies CoreCommander tools.’

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