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Date: 08-09-16

Solar PV can deliver additional 30% power with Maxim’s Cell-String Optimizer

New cell-string optimizer technology from Maxim Integrated Products allows photovoltaic (PV) panels to harvest significantly more energy and simplifies design complexity for solar installation projects. PV module comprises of bypass diode and perform maximum power point tracking (MPPT) can be replaced by highly integrated DC-DC converters called Maxim’s cell-string optimizers. The on and off response to performance-mismatch is removed by replacing each diode with a MPPT device. Each and every cell strings continue to contribute maximum power without interfering with the power production capability of others. An increased energy production is supported by a degree of flexibility. It expels collateral performance loss. It is due to fluctuation in variation of module mismatch, degradation, soiling, localized shading, and row shading loss mechanisms. Maxim claims that its cell-string optimizer is the first integrated power IC to perform MPPT and is embedded within the PV module. Some of the key benefits can be acknowledged such as increase in Energy Harvest where excellent shade mitigation is offered as it provides additional 30% power over diodes. It extends reliability by minimizing the impact of power degradation systems by removing hotspots. The flexible design makes way for incorporating many strings with various orientations and expands modules into partially shaded fields. The simplified operation is functioned by integrated solution without any additional hardware, specialized inverters or data services. Seth Kahn, Executive Director, Solar Products, Maxim Integrated said, “The granularity of Maxim’s cell string optimizers offers best-in-class shade mitigation, enables flexible system design without adding complexity, and helps improve panel lifetime performance,” “Major PV module companies have recognized the advantages of this unique technology—the first integrated power semiconductor for MPPT—and are ramping it in volume production.”

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