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Date: 02-09-16

SSD launches solid state version of legacy floppy disk drives

Solid State Disks (SSD) launches FLOPPYFlash – A substitute for old floppy disk drives on aged computer – based systems. FLOPPYFlash can drop-in directly for the motor powered magnetic tape based floppy disk. FLOPPYFlash utilizes flash memory based CompactFlash solid state card technology standard. FLOPPYFlash eliminates the need for any host hardware or software changes. Also it is faster and efficient compared to traditional floppy disk. FLOPPYFlash can be connected to any existing local area network for remote configuration, control, diagnostics, backup and restore by TCP/IP networking through standard RJ45 Ethernet connection. FLOPPYFlash can be used to replace age old 3.5-inch and any larger specification of about 5.25-inch and 8-inch floppy disk drives using a suitable adaptor when compared to a small 3.5-inch footprint and using a standard 34 pin floppy disk drive connection. It also supports 26 pin / 34 pin slim & Shugart floppy connections. FLOPPYFlash requires about 5V power supply that will fit into a standard floppy disk drive slot. It is using the same fixings. By using encoding method of FM, MFM or MMFM achieve data transfer speeds of 125 Kb/s and 500 Kb/s. The use of solid state technology also delivers greatly increased reliability (MTBF) and media life. It is improved through environmental efficiency with lower power consumption, noise and heat generation. One notices reduction in unplanned downtime.

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