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Date: 29-08-16

Renesas Synergy platform is made available in Asia-Pacific

Renesas Electronics expanded its Renesas Synergy Platform availability to Asia Pacific region to reach out to embedded and IoT developers in Asia pacific. Synergy Platform includes integrated software for embedded and IOT device applications using Microcontrollers (MCU). It improves time to market factor of embedded systems development. The key component of synergy Platform is the Synergy Software Package (SSP) which is fully managed by Renesas. SSP includes real – time operating system (RTOS), middleware, communications stacks and such software components. Customers are provided with Application Programming Interface (API) , so that developers can start MCU software development immediately at the API level so that they can focus on differentiating their own product instead of doing repetitive non-differentiating work, suggests Renesas. Renesas embedded customers in South East Asia, Australia, New Zealand and India can access the service by using the Synergy Gallery Website. By few clicks the product licensing can be gained for professional software and tools with no extra cost. By October, the utility is also expected to be extended to Mainland China, Taiwan towards global access. SSP contains numerous functions to minimize the software development of MCU. Synergy Platform utilizes software development environments in a professional manner. Synergy Platform integrates both IAR Embedded Workbench and Renesas' e2studio giving both the choice for developers. Learn more on the services at www.renesassynergy.com

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