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Date: 06-08-16

IOT SOC ICs launched exclusively for India's smart home market

MediaTek India released two Wi-Fi IOT SOC IC chips targeting India's smart home market. The MT7687 and MT7697 chipsets power home gateway solutions and smart home appliances and systems such as smart washing machine, refrigerators, air-conditioners, home automation, smart gadgets, IoT bridges and cloud connectivity. Wi-Fi SoC MT7687 wirelessly connect home appliances and smart devices to home network so that they can be controlled by wireless mobile devices such as smart phones. MT7687 provides higher Wi-Fi range due to its ability to transmit at a maximum power output of 21dBm, comparably higher than the other such SoCs in the market, according to MediaTek. AES and 3DES/SHA2 protocols used in this chip for secure communication. MT7697 offers both low energy Bluetooth and dual-band Wi-Fi. The MT7697 supports Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) . It embeds a power amplifier with TX Power up to 10 decibel-milliwatts (dBm). On iOS devices specifically, the MT7697’s BLE supports up to 160 bytes of maximum transmission units (ATT_MTU).

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