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Date: 19-06-16

VLSI design: New version PowerDRC/LVS 2.2.1 released by POLYTEDA

POLYTEDA LLC released the latest version of its VLSI design software PowerDRC/LVS version 2.2.1 for design rule checking (DRC), layout vs. schematic checking (LVS) of VLSI chips. The PowerDRC/LVS version 2.2.1 supports hierarchical processing of cell arrays and standard cells multi-CPU mode. The other features added to this new version includes: 1. Added support of number and string variables in PWRL along with conditional directives #if / #else 2. Added preprocessor directives #define, #ifdef, #ifndef for conditional rule compilation 3. Added $overunder and $underover options to $size 4. Added an example of using parameters extraction for the assessment of parasitic capacitances 5. Added support of extraction devices by nets 5. Added a lot of minor improvements for integration with Cadence Virtuoso PowerDRC/LVS support semiconductor fabrication notes up to 40nm. PowerDRC/LVS he said to achieve higher scalability and turnaround time through the use of a unique data structure and native window scanning technique. The release version is officially available from POLYTEDA. For more information visit: www.polyteda.com.

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