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Date: 19-06-16

Analog IC for interfacing electrochemical gas sensor

Japan-based New JRC has launched a new Analog Front End IC chip NJU9101 for electrochemical gas sensor. The AFE NJU9101 integrates low-power op amp , a low-power analog to digital converter (ADC), and the signal processing circuits in one small package helping in designing a gas detector system in small size. The precision, low noise operational amplifiers inside NJU9101 and the A/D converter designed to consume less power. The NJU9101 has multiple functions of gain compensation, offset voltage compensation, and temperature drift compensation. These functions make MCU control simpler to detect various gas sensors. The function blocks inside the analog front-end chip can be intermittently operated by ON/OFF control. In stand-by mode, the current consumption is 0.5uA. The Built-in operational amplifiers is immune to RF noise from the radio wave of the transceiver, which may prevents the AFE from malfunction. Using 3-Bit chip address function AFE chip can detect up to 7 different types of gases by only one detector. This IC chip also detects whenever the sensor connection is broken. This device can be connected to the EEPROM. When starting up the AFE, the program of the memory will be automatically set up. New JRC to produce these chips volumes from June 2016.

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