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Date: 18-05-16

Wireless power charging design for less than 3W wearables and medical devices

Not only the smart phones even the other portable devices such as wearables, headphones, health and fitness devices require wireless charging. With a ready reference design kit from IDT, design-time and effort can be saved. IDT says its new wireless charging reference kit is designed so that the integration of wireless charging in portable devices is easier and affordable. Devices consuming a power of three Watts or lesser can be wireless charge enabled by using the new IDT Qi-based transmitter and receiver reference kit. The reference kit includes transmitter (P9235A-R) and receiver (P9027LP-R) with three different inductor coil sizes for different applications, form factor/size and power consumption levels. IDT is offering this new kit following the successful launch of its 5 W reference kits made available last year. IDT claims its reference kits enable design engineers to integrate wireless charging feature in portable devices in hours instead of days and weeks. IDT has delivered 70 million wireless power devices to date, and company executive Dave Shepard, vice president of IDT’s Consumer Products Division hints the large-scale adaption of wireless charging is to happen very sooner, particularly in non-smart phone devices such as smartwatches, fitness and health monitors. The kit provides layout module for direct instantiation on to a system board, and a fully tested BOM and design support materials such as user manuals, layout guides, layout instantiation modules, schematics, bill-of-materials (BOM), Gerber files. The kit is designed to offer an peak efficiency of peak 80% at 3 W the kit offers seamless integration with the drop-in reference layout provided, and an optimized thermal design, says IDT. The Kit is already available with IDT's partner electronics component distributors at a suggested retail price $70.

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