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Date: 19-04-16

Thermal imaging camera core with built-in video processing chip

Boson, a new thermal imaging camera core from FLIR Systems is powered with low-power multi-core vision processor Myriad 2 Vision Processing Unit (VPU) from Movidius running FLIR XIR expandable infrared video processing architecture. With this chip on-board, Boson gets artificial intelligence based computer vision capabilities making it a intelligent thermal imaging camera in the market. Myriad 2 is a dedicated vision processor.

This camera core module is designed to offer advantages such as size, weight, power, and cost for small high performance micro bolometer-based cameras. FLIR' camera uses Long Wave Infrared (LWIR) technology.

Boson has a sensitive 12 micron pixel pitch detector. This optical device also offers inputs for processing data from other sensors such as CMOS image sensors, global positioning systems and inertial measurement units. The image processing algorithms offered include super resolution, sophisticated noise reduction filters, local area contrast enhancement and image blending.

Available in 320x 256 and 640x 512 formats and 15 field of view options. Storage devices, displays and data communications can be also interfaced to this camera core. FLIR offers development support for designing products for markets such as firefighting, automotive, maritime hunting, unmanned aerial survey and military.

infrared picture

The FLIR Boson is made available to OEMs now for product development testing.

Learn more about the FLIR’s new Boson thermal imaging core at: www.flir.com/Boson.

If you're interested in watching a nice video of this product. Go to the YouTube link below:


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