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Date: 05-04-16

Socionext' medical device "viewphii" also does ECG and blood pressure monitoring

Socionext is advancing its medical electronic device "viewphii" with some more interesting features. Viewphii can now be used to monitor blood pressure and also ECG.

Viewphii is a handheld portable ultrasound scanner which can be used not only by qualified physicians but also anyone who would like to monitor the physical fitness. Viewphii allows the user to monitor the muscle and fat by measuring muscle mass and body fat and stores the data in a cloud computer. Viewphii consists of a handheld wireless scanner, and a app in a tablet computer, and a cloud computing data storage.

Socionext calls these two added features as "Mobile Continuous Blood Pressure Monitoring Solution" and "Mobile Electro-Cardiogram Solution".

This new "Integrated Medical IoT Solutions" allows users to collect vital data in the mobile environment and manage such data over the Cloud.
Socionext is displaying this latest “viewphii” solutions at MEDTEC Japan 2016, which is going to be held from April 20 at the Tokyo Big Sight, booth# 6700.

Socionext has used its own custom semiconductor SOC chips in this viewphii.

The interesting highlight of this handheld product is, this product is non-invasive and doesn't use any wires.

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