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Date: 21-02-16

Energy efficient STM32L0 MCU goes for volume production

STMicroelectronics announced mass production of its ultra-energy-efficient ARM Cortex-M0+ STM32L0 microcontrollers. STM32L0 is designed for low-power energy-saving applications such as wearables, medical/health monitoring devices, industrial sensors and smart devices.

STM32L0 microcontroller scored 135 ULPMark -C certified and 158.7 ULPMark -C with a DC/DC converter. ST says STM32L0 series has the best-in-class power consumption at 125°C, making them a robust microcontroller chips.

Three new product lines include the STM32L0x1 Access Line, STM32L0x2 USB Line with crystal-less USB2.0 Full Speed, and the HMI-ready STM32L0x3 USB/LCD Line. Memory densities are from 8KB to 192KB Flash, up to 20KB SRAM, and up to 6KB true EEPROM. A 14-pin package option offers 32-bit computing for a entry-level embedded application.

A low-power ADC consuming only 41µA at 12-bit resolution and 10Ksample/s, energy-saving modes including 340nA Stop with full RAM retention and auto wake-up, a low-power pulse counter (16-bit timer) that remains available in ultra-low power mode, and 3.5µs wake-up from Stop, makes this device, energy sensitive microcontroller chip. There is also an interconnect matrix that allows data handling to continue while the CPU is idle.

Over 100 part numbers in the STM32L0 series are currently available, covering Flash densities from 8KB to 192KB.

Pricing for the STM32L0 series starts at $0.37 for the STM32L011 with 8KB Flash, 2Kbytes SRAM and 512bytes true EEPROM, for high-volume orders.

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