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Date: 09-09-15

The battery simulator and a power supply in one system

The rechargeable battery simulator from Tektronix emulates a battery from full charge to total discharge using a battery model that includes state of charge, amp-hour capacity, equivalent series resistance, and open circuit voltage.

The simulator 2281S generates battery model after a particular battery undergoes a charging process test. The users can edit, create, import/ export the model. Also battery model can be created according to a battery's chemistry and the manufacturer's specifications.

The 2281S displays voltage, current, amp-hour readings, source settings.

This test equipment also features high-performance DC power supply with a maximum output of 20V and 6A along with battery simulator.

The Keithley 2281S Battery Simulator and Precision DC Power Supply is available worldwide at a listed price of $2,990 US MSRP.

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