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Date: 22-08-15

New MCU boards at Mouser: Discovery for STM32F7, Curiosity from Microchip

Mouser is now stocking the STM32F7 series 32-bit microcontrollers and the STM32F746G Discovery Kit from STMicroelectronics (ST). STM32F7 is the market's first ARM Cortex M7 MCU available in volumes. ARM Cortex M7 is the most advanced microcontroller processor core in the ARM Cortex M family.

The STM32F746G Discovery Kit includes an onboard LCD-TFT display with capacitive touch screen and Arduino Uno Rev3 connectors serving the needs of both learners and experienced embedded system engineers.

Mouser has also announced in the month of August shipment of another MCU development board Curiosity Development Board from Microchip Technology. Curiosity Development Board is a 8-bit development platform for first-time users, designers, and those requiring a feature-rich rapid prototyping board. The Curiosity Development Board includes an integrated programmer/debugger and requires no additional hardware to get started.
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