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Date: 17-08-15

EtherCAT slave controller IC with real-time response support

Germany-based motion control semiconductor chip manufacturer, Trinamic has launched Ethercat slave controller IC. The new TMC8460 slave controller features PWM and Step/Dir I/O peripherals that do not require routing through the firmware of an application processor to ensure real-time response without latency.

TMC8460 features integrated Smart peripheral blocks accessible from a microcontroller or EtherCAT Master, and also feature SPI master and encoder interface that can be directly mapped to the PDO ( process data object) by the memory manager. Due to this feature TMC8460 offers latency free read from analog to digital converter or write to digital converter.

In standalone mode this chip enables direct mapping of integrated peripherals to bus registers. And in parallel mode external MCU can perform higher layer protocol operations. Trinamic has conducted interoperable testing to ensure TMC8460' communication hardware is 100 percent compatible with Beckhoff EtherCAT Slave controller.

Priced at USD 50 each in 1000 unit volumes, TMC8460 is available in BGA VFGG400 package and designed to operate in the industrial temperature range of -40 to 125°. Both the devices as well as evaluation board are available for shipment from August 2015.

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