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Date: 15-08-15

Arrow Electronics to sell eInfochips's snapdragon600 based IoE kit

Gujarat, India based electronics and semiconductor design services company eInfochips developed a kit for Internet of everything (IoE) systems in applications such as smart home, industrial electronics, security and surveillance, infotainment, avionics (in-flight entertainment), display systems, and Smart IoE systems or any application which requires video processing. The kit named Eragon600 is based on QUALCOMM's Snapdragon 600 processor.

The Eragon600 System on Module (SoM) and the associated Development Kit comes with a carrier board (Android & Linux), demo application and a custom SDK.

In a digital signage application demo, Eragon600 SoM and Development Kit was used to capture real-time video analytics, including measuring attention span and popularity of signage content.

Eragon600 SoM is available in two versions, one with 512MB (the EIC-Q600-100 SoM) and the other with 2GB (the EIC-Q600-200 SoM). Developers can also directly integrate the SoM on their electronic design, to enable scalable performance without re-engineering delays.

The Evaluation Kit’s carrier card is also available in three versions, the basic EIC-Q600-210 Development Kit offers connection interfaces such as Ethernet, USB, HDMI, MIPI CSI, Serial, MicroSD, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. The second type EIC-Q600-220 Development Kit has additional interface such as GPS, MPCIe (USB), SATA, Speaker, Mic, and ZigBee support. EIC-Q600-230 Development Kit adds up with Industrial design chassis and LCD screen. As part of its design services, eInfochips also offers you a customised board based on your requirements.

eInfochips has teamed up with global electronic device distributor Arrow Electronics to sell this product.

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