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Date: 29-07-15

AEC-Q100-qualified 2Mbit EEPROM for engine monitoring and safety applications

STMicroelectronics has made available industry’s first AEC-Q100-qualified 2Mbit EEPROM for automotive electronics applications such as hybrid, electric vehicles, high-power truck engines. This EEPROM is suggested for storing parameters such as air volume, fuel injection, exhaust, or battery charge, to maximize power-conversion efficiency for greener driving and Storing data from object detection, 3-axis motion, wheel speed, and steering angle to activate airbag or body and braking controllers in automotive-safety applications.

M95M02 EEPROM designed to offer high cycling and data-retention performance (4 million cycles per byte, clock frequency up to 10MHz, and 100 years guaranteed) making it useful for fine-grained real-time monitoring of environment parameters for maximum precision.

2Mbit EEPROM offers an additional lockable page of 256 bytes to safely store module tracing ability, identification numbers, or mission-critical data. The lockable page has specific access instructions to avoid interaction with the standard part of the memory array. Mission-critical data can be updated and cycled or locked into a read-only mode for more security.

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