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Date: 25-07-15

USB charging ICs manage voltage drop due to resistance of the cable

Japan-based power supply IC vendor New JRC is offering three Power Supply ICs “NJM2815, NJM2816, NJW4119” featuring built-in voltage correction function to correct voltage drop caused due to resistance of the USB cable.

Due to higher charging current requirements in most of the mobile devices which are using quick charge feature while charging from USB power source, there is some voltage drop at the output point of the USB cable compared to the voltage levels at the inlet of the connection due to the wire/cable's resistance.

To make the USB charging safer, these ICs feature error flag output function which can be used to communicate to the processor inside a mobile device to stop charging.

NJW4119 also features built-in overcurrent protection circuit which can be set to constant current with flat temperature characteristic. Even if the ambient temperature changes, the setting current can be kept stable, so the circuit is not affected by temperature, says New JRC.

All application equipment with USB interface
Car AV, Consumer Equipment etc.
Applications according to output current capability
NJM2815 (IO=1A All USB Applications)
NJM2816 (IO=1.5A The Quick Charging Smartphone etc.)
NJW4119 (IO=2.4A Tablet Terminal etc.)

Availability: All these USB power ICs are now available in production volume.

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