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Date: 06-07-15

STM32F7 ARM Cortex M7 32 bit microcontroller is immediately available from RS

The most recent and industry's first ARM Cortex M7 based 32-bit microcontroller chip STM32F7 from STMicroelectronics which is now under volume production/shipment can immediately purchased from leading online seller RS Components.

Cortex-M7 gets you 2X higher DSP performance and also overall enhanced processor performance compared to ARM Cortex M4. STM32 family is one of the most sold ARM Cortex microcontroller family in the world due to the benefits it offers such as power efficiency and pin-, peripheral- and software-compatibility across more than 500 different devices, as well as offering the extensive STM32 development ecosystem.

STM32F7 suggested for applications including high-speed or multi-channel audio, video, wireless, motion recognition or motor control. STM32 family also features ST’s advanced ART Accelerator graphics engine and the L1 on-chip cache of the Cortex-M7. STM32F7 MCUs are optimised in multiple aspects of performance to deliver 1082 CoreMark/462 DMIPS at 216MHz, whether code is executed from either embedded Flash or external memory. With a processing efficiency of 6 CoreMark/mW at 1.8V and typical current consumption of only 100µA in Stop mode and 1.7µA in Standby mode, STM32F7 stands out in low power performance.

STM32F7 include dedicated power rail for the USB OTG, which enables USB connectivity to continue operating while the rest of the chip is powered at 1.8V to save power. Dual clock support on most of the peripherals also allows CPU speed to be reduced to minimise power consumption, while keeping the clock frequency unchanged on communication peripherals.

STM32F745 and STM32F746/756 with cortex-M7 core with floating-point unit and DSP extensions can run up to 216MHz. STM32F745 MCU has up to 1MB of on-chip Flash memory, 320KB RAM, Ethernet, QSPI and camera interfaces, and a Flexible Memory Controller (FMC). The STM32F746/756 MCUs adds up with on-chip TFT-LCD controller. The STM32F7 MCUs are available in a range of packages, including: 14x14mm LQFP100; 28x28mm LQFP208; 10x10mm 0.65mm-pitch UFBGA176; 13x13mm 0.8mm-pitch TFBGA216; and 5.9x4.6mm WLCSP143.

Also available from RS is the STM32F7 Discovery kit, which is most important to start development. STM32CubeF7 firmware is also provided. The board is compatible with Arduino Uno shields.

The STM32F7 series of MCUs and STM32F7 Discovery kit are now available in the EMEA and Asia Pacific regions from RS.

For more information visit www.rs-online.com

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