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Date: 01-07-15

IoT wireless I/O modules for data gathering

Taiwan based computer module maker Advantech’s Industrial Automation Group (IAG) launched 2.4G WISE-4000 IoT Wireless I/O modules for data gathering applications where laying a wire is difficult.

These modules offers functions such as data acquisition, processing and publishing for wide range of applications such as environmental monitoring, machine monitoring and smart cities.

WISE-4000 is a wireless Ethernet I/O module which can be used without needing to go through a gateway to provide the information. This means that deployment is much easier because a limitless number of I/O modules can be used to gather the information from any third party sensors and connect to an existing network, explains Advantech.

With an integrated HTML5 interface to the WISE-4000 can be configured and accessed from any mobile device using a standard web browser and without needing to go through an Access Point. Since the WISE-4000 uses the popular RESTful API, system integrators can adjust the configurator to meet their specific needs and reduce the amount of effort required to acquire big data.

The WISE-4000’s Data Logger can send time stamped information to a Dropbox account or a private cloud depending on the configuration and it can also buffer the devices’ data, so that in the event of network failure, no data is lost before it is sent to the administrator.

Other features of the WISE-4000 include: three levels of security (WPA2, SSL and three levels of user login); interchangeable antenna for greater flexibility and external DIP switches so the default factory settings can be reapplied quickly and easily.

There are four models in the WISE-4000 series:
Available now:
WISE-4050 is a 4-ch digital input, 4-ch digital output IoT Wireless I/O Module;
WISE-4060 is a 4-ch digital input, 4-ch relay output IoT Wireless I/O Module
WISE-4012E is a 6-ch Input/ Output IoT Wireless I/O Module for developers with WebAccess (optional).

Coming soon:
WISE-4012 is a 4-ch universal input, 2-ch digital output IoT Wireless I/O Module.

For more information about the WISE-4000 series visit www.advantech.com

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