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Date: 27-06-15

Pin-head size trenchFET n-channel MOSFET for mobile phones

Vishay's 20V Chipscale MOSFET in 0.8 mm by 0.8 mm footprint uses TrenchFET tech and is ultra-thin of 0.357 mm profile. Targeted applications include smart phone, tablet, wearables, solid-state drives, and portable medical electronics devices such as hearing aids.

The device can be used as load switch, small-signal switch, and high-speed switch in power management applications.

Si8824EDB has low on-resistance of 75 milli ohms at 4.5 V, 82 milli ohms at 2.5 V, 90 milli ohms at 1.8 V, 125 milli ohms at 1.5 V, and 175 milli ohms at 1.2 V. These ratings are up to 25 % lower than the closest competing 20 V MOSFET in an identical CSP package, and up to 65 % lower than the closest competing 20 V device in the DFN 1 mm by 0.6 mm package, claims Vishay. The MOSFET’s 20 V VDS, ESD protection, ratings down to 1.2 V, and low on-resistance provide a combination of safety margin, gate drive design flexibility, and high performance for lithium-ion battery-powered applications.

Samples and production quantities of the Si8824EDB are available now, with lead times of 14 to 16 weeks for larger orders.

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