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Date: 24-06-15

PN7120 from NXP NFC-enables smart home IOT devices with secure connectivity

Since NFC makes device-to-device communications easier and secure compared to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Smart home devices such as televisions, home network gateways routers, set-top boxes, speakers, printers, gaming consoles and many such electronic devices at home can be connected to IOT using NFC. The NFC enabled phone can be a security lock to most of the system which needs access permissions to get on and off and also to operate in particular manner including your door lock, or to set television programs, or setting room temperature as per your needs. NFC is not only a close contact wireless data interface and wireless ID access interface. NFC enabled devices can be ensured to be operated only by a set of authorized people.

NFC pioneer NXP semiconductor is offering a NFC controller chip PN7120 for consumer electronics and smart home electronics makers to NFC-enable smart home devices.

The PN7120 is a NFC contactless reader IC with an embedded firmware with integrated communication protocols relevant for NFC. PN7120 uses the standardized NFC controller interface (NCI) maintained by the NFC Forum and comes with a Single Board Computer Demo Kit, including interface boards for the latest Raspberry Pi releases and for BeagleBone.

PN7120 supports the popular Linux or Android operating systems. PN7120 is supported with RF communication protocols for NFC, NFC controller interface (NCI) and Linux and Android drivers to ease development.

Typical example explained by NXP in applying NFC for smart homes is, if a television is integrated with NFC it can be conveniently paired to a router to make the TV even more interactive helping in personalized access, video on demand payment, maintenance and commissioning.

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