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Date: 23-06-15

All-SiC semiconductors achieve 40% power savings in traction application

High-power discrete semiconductor device maker Mitsubishi Electric has tested electric traction inverter of an electric train designed with 100% silicon carbide (SiC) material based power semiconductor modules resulted in overall saving of power by 40% compared to a train using conventional circuitry. The traction inverter, which is rated for 1,500V DC was tested over a four-month period.

Mitsubishi could test a car retrofitted with an all-SiC traction inverter and another car fitted with a conventional gate turn-off thyristor traction inverter between January 17 and May 8, 2015. And the company shared the below results of comparison:

17% power savings during powered operation
- Increase from 34.1% to 52.1% in power regeneration ratio, calculated as power from regenerative brakes to catenaries divided by total electric power to drive the rail car
- 40% power savings overall

Specifications of Main Circuit:
Input voltage: 1,500V DC
Main circuit system: Large-capacity all-SiC power modules
Two-level PWM inverter with regenerative brakes
Control system: Four traction motors with 190kW, parallel control
Cooling system: Self cooling

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