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Date: 19-06-15

The customizable turnkey private label hardware platform for VoIP ATA/Gateway

The customizable turnkey private label hardware platform , based on the DSP Group's DVF99 SoC reference design and powered by Excelocity's XL-Gateway V2IP engine is launched for solutions like Analog Telephony Adapters (ATA) and multiport VoIP Gateways. The platform enables VoIP services and delivers Home Automation-capable ATA OTT solutions with FXS, WiFi, DECT/ULE, and 4G/LTE. VoIP ATA/Gateway that scales up to 8 ports, and Internet of Things Gateways (IoTG) for ODMs and OEMs are supported by this platform.

"We are pleased to be working with Excelocity and SGW Global in the development of their next-generation series of The customizable turnkey private label hardware platform," said Fredy Rabih, VP VoIP Product Line Management at DSP Group. "Our DVF99 platform is ideally suited for ATAs, IP Gateways and IP Phones, offers the best cost performance in the market and features a high level of integration and superior voice processing," he continued.

"We are delighted to partner with a VoIP SoC market leader like DSP Group and leading manufacturer such as SGW Global," said Goutam Shaw, President of Excelocity. "The XL-Gateway Hardware platform based on DVF99 chipsets along with our software, lets us offer complete turnkey private label next generation VoIP ATA/Gateway products with unmatched features and the price point," he concluded.

"The combined DSP, Excelocity and SGW team leverages the strengths of each company in voice processing, software and design to produce the next generation of industry-leading telephony products," said Daniel Smires, President, The Americas, SGW Global.

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