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Date: 16-06-15

MegaChips shipping its MCDP28 DisplayPort1.2 and HDMI2.0a bridge device

MegaChips has started shipping its MCDP28 family of DisplayPort1.2 and HDMI2.0a bridge devices in computer and consumer electronics applications. MCDP28 integrate high-speed level-shifter and active-protocol converter (LSPCON) in a single chip supporting 4K premium content streaming with HDCP2.2 encryption from smart phones to a large screen displays such as TVs in their living rooms.

“MegaChips is a leading contributor to the evolution of the DisplayPort specification and compliance standards through VESA that revolutionized connectivity experience of consumers,” said Amir Sheikholeslami, Vice President Business Development at MegaChips Technology America Corporation. “We have a long history of being the first to offer innovative solutions based on the latest standards. The new MCDP28 products continue this tradition and further expand our DisplayPort offerings in the growing 4K video space that major OEMs are selecting for their next generation of notebooks and tablets based on Intel processors and USB Type-C accessories.”

Key features of MCDP28 as shared by Megachips:

• Multi-media converters powered by uncompromised video rendering, advanced content protection, and enhanced security
• Supports HDMI level shifting function up to 3.4Gbps data rate and protocol conversion function up to 6.0Gbps data rate, ensuring optimal balance of power and performance for inside notebook and tablet applications
• Utmost bandwidth and versatility to empower USB Type-C to HDMI2.0a accessory (dongles, docking station) designs
• Ultimate visual experience through High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging for deep color video up to 4Kx2K 60Hz, CEA timing
• MCDP2800 (64 LFBGA, 7x7mm) – LSPCON for Motherboard down-configuration application solution
• MCDP2850 (64 LFBGA, 7x7mm) – USB Type-C / DisplayPort to HDMI2.0 accessory application solution

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