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Date: 04-06-15

ARM news this week: IP tooling and IOT subsys IP

To update you on news related to ARM processor cores, here the latest announcements by ARM this week:

1. ARM helping SoC designers to configure, create and assemble IP-based systems faster within days rather than months by announcing a new suite of IP tools. The new IP tooling suite has Socrates DE, CoreSight Creator and CoreLink Creator. CoreLink Creator configure and help implement the new CoreLink NIC-450 Network Interconnect, the follow-on to the CoreLink NIC-400.

Socrates DE allows VLSI design engineers to configure, create and assemble ARM and third-party IP. CoreSight and CoreLink Creators, which are built on Socrates technology, help vlsi design engineers to enhanve configuration efficiencies, says ARM. Socrates DE and CoreSight Creator are available for immediate licensing. CoreLink Creator and CoreLink NIC-450 are avialable for delivery in 2nd half of 2015.

2. ARM has unveiled ARM IoT subsystem for ARM Cortex-M processors optimized for use with ARM's processor and radio technologies, physical IP and ARM mbed OS.

Individually licensable subsystem IP block with Cortex-M processor and ARM Cordio radio IP is targeted as basic thing for IoT endpoint chip design, allowing partners to integrate sensors and other peripherals to create complete SoCs. The design is optimized for TSMC's 55nm Ultra-Low Power (55ULP) process technology with embedded flash memory using ARM Artisan physical IP.

In this ARM IoT subsystem, it is possible to integrate other radios and wireless networking standards such as Wi-Fi and 802.15.4.

3. In another ARM related news, PLDA has made available revised ARM Juno development platform that integrates the ARM big.LITTLE processor configuration of the ARM Cortex-A53 and A57 processors with the PLDA optimized PCIe Root Complex Controller.

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