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Date: 02-06-15

2M pixel automotive video processor with a dynamic view support

GEO Semiconductor developed multiple-view featuring video processing chip supporting two megapixel and also with higher dynamic range for automotive applications. With its own patented technology called eWARP, where captured video signal is processed dynamically so that user is provided with the option to view the image from multiple camera positions.

The new chip family called GW4 product line has two products designed as fully qualified (AEC Q100 Grade 2) automotive camera processors: the (GW4100) with support for NTSC Analog cameras and the (GW4200) with HD digital camera support up to 1080p60.

GW4200 is suggested as an ideal solution for applications such as backup, side-view and rear-view mirror replacement, surround or bird’s eye view, and front viewing automotive cameras where power and size limitations are critical design factors. Whereas the GW4300, is designed for industrial and consumer applications, such as surveillance, wearable as well as the automotive aftermarket.

GEO’s patented eWARP processor does real time spatial morphing of the image, perform AutoCal for electronic calibration and digital alignment, and also electronic Pan/Tilt/Zoom view of the image. This technology helps in object tracking, monitoring the steering direction of cars, and simulating the adjustment of a mirror’s viewing angle.

“Our GW4 series of camera video processors is ideally suited for the automotive market as it provides customers with advanced features in a small, cost-effective, low power assembly” said John Casey, Vice President and General Manager, for GEO Semiconductor’s automotive business. “This product line is positioned as the highest performance solution in the market today, offering HDR, programmable eWARP, and a very versatile On Screen Display feature, all packaged in a tiny 6x6mm package and operating at

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