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Date: 23-05-15

GaN-on-Silicon devices on 200mm wafers jointly by X-FAB and Exagan

X-FAB and Exagan have entered into a joint development agreement to GaN-on-silicon power semiconductor devices on 200mm semiconductor wafers. X-FAB and Exagan jointly to establish a factory in Europe to manufacture GaN devices for the solar, industrial, automotive, IT electronics and other markets.

The partnership able to produce GaN-on-silicon devices built on 200mm substrates at X-FAB’s wafer fab in Dresden, Germany and now working out on producing GaN devices volumes at lower price than 150 mm wafers.

Due to the higher switching efficiency, higher power handling capability, and faster switching GaN-based semiconductors forecasted by the market researcher Yole Développement to grow 25x in shipment and reach US$600 million by revenue by 2020.

CEA-Leti in Grenoble is also involved in this development where they could manufacture the first of Exagan’s G-FET 650 Volt, fast-switching power devices on 200mm substrates using a standard silicon manufacturing line. The G-Stack technology by Exagan helps GaN-on-silicon devices to be manufactured economically on 200mm substrates by depositing a unique stack of GaN and strain management layers that alleviates the stress between bonded GaN and silicon layers.

G-FET are designed to offer high breakdown voltage, low vertical leakage and high-temperature operation.

“Our strategic partnership with X-FAB is the latest step in establishing a robust supply chain capable of providing customers with qualified GaN devices in large volumes for demanding applications,” said Frédéric Dupont, president and CEO of Exagan. “The industry has long acknowledged the performance and efficiency advantages of GaN devices. We are now driving GaN market penetration to the next level by providing these devices at an attractive price-performance point.”

“X-FAB’s leadership position as a pure-play foundry for More-than-Moore technologies is reinforced by this new alliance and our commitment to innovative manufacturing,” said Dr. Jens Kosch, X-FAB’s chief technology officer. “We are proud to support the successful industrialization of Exagan’s novel technology, which we believe will have a major impact on the future of automotive and industrial markets.”

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