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Date: 14-05-15

eASIC reprogrammable technology with Intel Xeon processors for cloud sys

Intel is working with eASIC Corporation in developing custom digital chips for replacing FPGAs in Cloud computers. This initiative is due to the growing trend of using customizable hardware for custom compute solutions for data centers and the cloud computers.

eASIC says "The new parts will enable acceleration of up to two times that of a field programmable gate array (FPGA) for workloads like security and big data analytics while also speeding the time to market for custom application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) development by as much as 50 percent."

Customisable hardware is used in Cloud computers to run particular application faster. eASIC said it plans to integrate its eASIC platform technology with future Intel Xeon processors, providing cloud service providers a highly customized, integrated hardware solution for their particular workload.

eASIC claims its technology can increase flexibility and fast-time-to-market when compared to traditional ASICs and increase performance and lower power consumption when compared to FPGAs.

“Having the ability to highly customize our solutions for a given workload will not only make the specific application run faster, but also help accelerate the growth of exciting new applications like visual search,” said Diane Bryant, senior vice president and general manager of Intel’s Data Center Group. “This announcement helps broaden our portfolio of customized products to provide our customers with the flexibility and performance they need.”

“We believe our eASIC technology has unique characteristics that will benefit cloud service providers to get the most from their applications,” said Ronnie Vasishta, president and chief executive office at eASIC. “The combination of eASIC and Intel technology will help bring break through cost and performance to our customers.”

Intel is reported to have proposed to acquire FPGA chip maker Altera. But acquisition has not materialised due to disagreement.

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