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Date: 28-04-15

Magnet mount 2G/3G/4G, Wi-Fi and GNSS antenna base for cars

Taoglas launched magnet base for placing antennas such 2G/3G/4G, Wi-Fi and GNSS on cars. The Torus MMB series offered in four standard mounting bases which have different aligning hole diameters from 16mm to 31mm.

Ronan Quinlan, Joint CEO of Taoglas states ‘Vehicle mount antenna installations of combination 2G/3G/4G, Wi-Fi and GNSS antennas require drilling a hole. This is especially inconvenient for purposes of one time testing. The Torus series now allows for a clean and secure antenna installation without any hassle. Just mount the antenna onto the magnet base directly’. The Torus series supports Taoglas most popular external antennas ranges including the Olympian, Hercules, Ultima, Spartan, Spartan ST, Pantheon and Pantheon ST.

Torus can be mounted on metal surfaces such as tops of vehicles, cabinets and equipment. A soft foam cushion protects the mounting surface during the mounting and removal process.
Below are the four types offered:

· MMB.A.EXTMA.16-- Ø16mm, For Taoglas Olympian Series

· MMB.A.EXTMA.19-- Ø19mm, For Taoglas Hercules Series

· MMB.A.EXTMA.21-- Ø21mm, For Taoglas Spartan ST version & Pantheon ST version Series

· MMB.A.EXTMA.31-- Ø31mm, For Taoglas Ultima, Spartan, & Pantheon Series

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